Every gaming website should provide customer support and a helpline whenever the Player gets into trouble. The cryptogames offer 24×7 customer support through which customer needs are resolved. The Basic conversation rules to be followed are No spam/swearing / abusing / begging or requesting for tips and money / promoting other sites in any conversation channel. Gamers must use English on the English track. Users who choose to speak any other languages may communicate in the Global medium.

What are the hazards associated with updating the client seeding manually?

We allow players to alter the client seed while playing any game manually. Why would a player want to modify your client seed manually? Many players are doing this to control unpredictability and actively throw individual luck into their performance. From an objective standpoint, this does not modify the unpredictability involved in any rolls.

Yet, the specific risk is imposed when a player utilizes the same client code for successive rolls. The concern is that the gaming institution, in this instance, CryptoGames, would’ve been able to predict the client seed that the Player would use and change the outcome in the house’s favour. Designers would never do these. However, since we are for openness, we want to emphasize this danger to our gamers.

Account banning

The account will be banned if the Player made several accounts or if the Player was determined to be cheating. The Player is prohibited if the Player has ten or more instances of CryptoGames running at any one moment. If you believe this is a mistake, kindly contact the team by emailing us at [email protected] wait 24 hours for our support staff to process your request.

How does Chat work?

You may speak with other gamblers when playing any game. For instant assistance, use the! help command inside the chat window.The chat box enables players to reward other players by using the command !tip [nickname] [amount] [coin]. For example, to pay jack 1.3 Litecoin to his CryptoGames wallet, execute the following command:! tip jack 1.3 LTC. The minimal tip amounts seem to be: 0.001 Bitcoin or altcoin equal.

To reveal the bets to certain other players inside the chat window, users may use the keywords !bet dice,!bet blackjack, !bet slot, !bet Plinko !, bet video poker, or !bet roulette preceded by your Bet, for example, to show the dice bet with the Betting ID “100000” in the conversation, use the following: !bet dice 100000. To toss a coin, utilize them ! Flip command. You will obtain heads or even a tail due to a randomized coin flip.

To obtain the value of a currency provided at CryptoGames, enter the! Value command. For example, to retrieve the price of 1.5 LTC, type: !value 1.5 LTC. To retrieve the balance of a coin on CryptoGames, enter the! Balance command. For example, to retrieve the balance for Bitcoin, type as – !balance BTC. You may purchase lottery tickets for those other users using the following command! lotto [coin] [# of tickets] [pet name]. For example, to purchase two Dogecoin Lotto tickets to user john, use the command “: ! lotto Doge 3 john.


In Chat, you may also utilize smiley instructions. A list of all the accessible commands may be found at https://crypto.games Using the conversation tool might enhance the player level with the bonus of a more extensive faucet. One conversation message is equivalent to one chat score on the “Rewards” page.



Precautions from the developer:

Chat Moderators and Admins may ban you if you do not respect these guidelines. Mods/Admins are given complete discretion when assessing whether or not a chat message is infringing the rules. A more extensive version of the conversation rules may be found at https://crypto.games.

Accessing Support and helpline for gamers in cryptogames